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BM Series is perfect low temperature plasma sterilizer.
                 The leader in the Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer
BM Series Charecteristic


User and patient-friendly sterilizer

  • Hydrogen peroxide sterilizing agent to the user and patient safety

Environmentally friendly sterilization and solid durability

  • No toxic residue, just discharge a small amount of water vapor and oxygen so no pollution to the environment.

  • Provide outstanding durability by simplifying parts of the products.

Easy to install and use

  • Can be installed anywhere where you need it

  • User-friendly interface


Proven strong sterilization effect

  • Through Lumen diameter 1mm X Length 2m

  • Single Lumen diameter 1mm X Length 12m


Fast and low temperature sterilization

  • Reduce inventory costs by fast sterilization.

  • Suitable for heat-sensitive medical tools as it’s sterilized between 50 and 60 degress Celcius.

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