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BeyondMedi - the leading provider of Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer, supplies and equipment.

About BeyondMedi


BeyondMedi co., ltd. has started to cultivate the Low temperature plasma sterilizer from 2015, and this company was estabilshed for the purpose of developing sterilization technologies together with advancement of medical appliance's ones.

BeyondMedi has the company motto called new idea, hot passion, grand posture, and firm belief, and is going forward by always creating new ideas and technologies, and considers confidences with customers as the bests while being awaked constantly. 

BeyondMedi has developed Low temperature plasma sterilizer, next-generation sterilizer as public one firstly in the world, and possesses subsequent patents. BeyondMedi will consider developing customer’s excellent ideas into making international first-class commodities and then supplying it as the top priority, and will do its bests too. Also, BeyondMedi will become a top sterilizer company by being reborn as more substantial company through managements of strategic alliances and partnerships. 

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