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Low Temperature Plasma Sterilization
Low Temperature Plasma Sterilization


Low-temperature plasma sterilizer uses hydrogen peroxide as the sterilizing material. Sterilization is done between 40 degree and 55 one, and sterile process is processed in the vacuum state’s environment. Hydrogen peroxide is proper to sterilizing materials because of harmlessness to human bodies and high oxidizing power, and could be said as Eco-friendly sterilizer that has no problems at all in environments because it is discharged by decomposing a little water and oxygen by using plasma after process completion. 

As low-temperature plasma sterilizer makes sterilization in the vacuum state, medical equipments that are sensitive to pressures together with sharp medical equipments can be used longer nearly 5 times than existing steam sterilizers, and further it can be used long without transforming plastic equipments or high-price ones that are edible to high temperature and pressure by carrying out the sterilization between 40 degree and 55 one. 

Low-temperature plasma sterilizer is proud of sterilizing quantities such like over 12 times and more when operating it with same capacity and less 12 hours than other low-temperature sterilizers because sterilizing time is completed between 30 minutes and 50 ones. As turnover of medical equipments is quick owing to short sterilizing time, purchasing funds for medical equipments can be saved because its reserves are able to be decreased.

Low temperature plasma sterilizer  

Low temperature plasma sterilizer  

  • Proper to sterilization of medical devises sensitive to the heat.

  • Durability's extension of medical devises rather high temperature sterilization.

Speedy sterilization

  • Speedy sterilization during 30~50minutes.

  • Medical devise's tureover increases.

Compact size

  • Installation at any places is possible if equipping 220v electricity.

  • installation at any places is available if there is a space of below 1m.

Eco-friendly sterilization

  • Using Hydrogen Peroxide unharmful to environment.

  • Oxygen and a little water are dischanged when doing emissions after sterilization.

Tool That can be sterilized in


  • Cryo-prober

  • Dopplers

  • Electrocautery instruments

  • Defibrillator paddles

  • Endoscopic instruments

  • Rigid endoscopes[laryngscope & blade, arthroscopes, laparoscopes & Trocar cannula and Trocar sheaths, resectoscope and shealths, etc]

  • Flexible endcoscopes[bronchoscopes, hysteroscopes, choledochoscpers, ureteroscoprs, cystoscopes, etc.]

  • Esophageal dilators

  • Fiberoptic light, cables

  • Laser handpieces, fibers, accessories

  • Shaver handpieces / Pigmentation handpieces

  • Metal instruments

  • Ophthalmic lenses[Diagnostic, Magnifying]

  • Patient lead cable

  • Radiation therapy equipment

  • Surgical power equitment and batteries[Power drills]

  • Ultrasound probes

  • Video cameras and couplers

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