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Provides Smart Plasma Sterilizer.


Smart System

Automeatic input control of sterilant along the input amount of object of sterilization and Complete dehumidification and minimization of processing time along moisture content and Complete removal of exhausted hydrogen peroxide and Embedden system.


Advanced Technology

In-house development of oil filter (Filter replacement cycle gets longer) and Advanced concentration technology of hydrogen peroxide


Easy Installation and Easy to use

Capable of being installed anywhere the user wants and user-oriented interface.

Why You Have To Choose Beyondmedi product!
Environment-friendly sterilizing environment / Definite durability

"Safe for environment by exhausting small amount of water vapor and oxygen after sterilization"

"Securement of durability due to simplification of medical parts and product parts"


Fast Sterilizing Time / Low Temperature Sterilization

"Minimization of invantory cost due to fast sterilizing time"

"Proper for medical tools which are sensitive to heat due to sterilization at temperature 50~60℃"




User & Patient-fiendly Sterilizer

"Safe for users and patients due to the use of hydrogen peroxide as sterilant"


Excellent Sterilization Power Performance

Through Lumen

Diameter 1mm x Length 12m


Single Lumen

Diameter 1mm x Length 2m




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